Knysna’s Best View Points

So, you are visiting Knysna and its magnificent beauty. Most people ask what there is to see in Knysna and we recommend that they start with a few viewpoints in the area.

20181219_085411-01 The Knysna Heads

The first and most famous is the Knysna Heads that has been shaped over millions of years by natures forces.

The Eastern head of Knysna is definitely the starting point of a visit to the area, a place that displays its natural beauty and leaves a few breath-taking moments. This portal of Knysna has been an iconic vista for many people travelling to the Garden Route for years and displays the meeting point of the Indian Ocean and the Knysna River, Water has been the ebb and flow of the lives of most of its inhabitants and is enjoyed by many for sailing, fishing, paddling, swimming and many other water activities and adventures. It is not unusual to see a boat leave or return through the heads from or to an ocean excursion. It is also one of the best places to experience the sunset.

Margie’s View Point

Brenton on Sea road winds its way up the elevation of the western side of Knysna and it is here that you will find Margie’s View Point overlooking the estuary. It is not hard to see why this has become a favourite viewpoint of the traveller.  Simply pull off into the allocated parking area and hop out. A small bench has been placed here for persons who prefer to linger. It has a peaceful ambience and enjoyed by the moon photographers that visit Knysna.

20170402_181328-01-01-01Brenton on Sea Viewpoint

Just before you descend into Brenton on Sea you will find this viewpoint. Not hard to spot as it overlooks the Brenton and Buffalo Bay beach stretch and presents the vista of our most beautiful bay. While visiting during the winter months you will be in for a treat as this is the spot where most of the migrating whales can be seen. During the months of June through to November, the Humpbacks display their joy of being here, or so we would like to think, by breaching so close to shore that the show seems for everyone.

Castle Rock

Near the entrance of the Brenton on Sea beach, you will find the viewpoint over Castle Rock. Named so because of its odd shape and the fact that it has a ladder placed in an open crevasse which enables you to climb to the top of this huge piece of fossilized dune.  Castle Rock has become an iconic feature in many photographs taken in the region and never disappoints. This is also our dolphin bay so keep an eye out for the hundreds of Bottlenose or Common dolphins that pass through on their daily hunt and wave playing excursions.

IMG_1631Sedgeview Point

Just a mere 25km outside of Knysna lies the small town of Sedgefield and is home to one of the most popular paragliding sites in South Africa. The Sedgefield viewpoint, also known as Cloud 9, shows off the small town’s best-kept secrets as you stare over the magnificent Swartvlei estuary and the Sedgefield river mouth. In the distance, you can spot the Sphinx of the Garden Route, Gericke’s Point, as it lies guarding its domain.  In Summer the site is filled with paragliding pilots and watching them is a treat.  We encourage the adventurous traveller to book a tandem flight, even a better way to experience this picturesque vista. It is a bit tricky to get to this viewpoint, so do ask our local tourism office how to get there.

20190108195640-01Swartvlei Beach

Heading out on the N2 leaving Sedgefield in the direction of George you will find the beach sign at the entrance of the mashie links golf course. Turn left and head all the way to the beach. Swartvlei beach is frequented by beachgoers, fishermen and beachcombers and at low tide is the most beautiful walk to our Garden Route sphinx. The rock formations here are some of the highest vegetated fossilized dunes in South Africa and quite a sight to see. A perfect spot to experience a sunset in the area

Sedgefield Mouth

The Sedgefield mouth is where the Swartvlei spills its water into the Indian Ocean and the viewpoint here is a spectacular treat for the traveller.  Most days you will find a vehicle parked at the site with people sitting on the benches enjoying the view.  The mosaiced fish that you will find here is most probably the most photographed piece of mosaic in the country.

Whether your visit is short or long make sure you get to a view and see why we love to share our paradise with you.