Knysna, from a Visitors Point of View

Knysna – A Playground for Families

Written by: Sarah Dirsuwei – Chasing the Rainbow family travel blog, blogging about outdoor adventure travel for families with teens.

Their stay at Oyster Creek Lodge

As lovers of the outdoors, our family has always adored visiting Knysna. The pristine estuary full of fish, ancient magical forests, divine beaches, charming restaurants and quaint shops make it the perfect holiday destination.

One of our favourite places to stay is Oyster Creek Lodge, a quaint wooden lodge that sits on its own little spit jutting right to the Knysna lagoon. It is surrounded by 270 degrees of pristine views of the estuary and exudes a sense of peaceful calm and serenity. You can literally sit on the deck the entire day watching the sunrise right over and fall behind you.  The kids love to fish from the shores around the lodge and it also has a canoe for guests to use to explore the lagoon.

Our favourite thing about Knysna is the forest – there is something truly magical in the air beneath the ancient trees and we love to hike deep into the forest. The Rooted in Time self drive tour in the Diepwalle section is really enjoyable. We also absolutely loved the Featherbed Company’s Eco Experience with its boat cruise across the lagoon, 4×4 truck ride up the Western head and picturesque hike along the spectacular coastline, ending off with a magnificent buffet lunch under the trees.

There is so much to do in Knysna, and a thousand reasons to keep returning and experiencing its natural beauty.

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15 Things to do near Knysna on the Garden Route

Written by: Roxanne Reid -Writer, editor, proofreader and African travel blogger

Her stay at Cliffhanger Cottages

The Knysna area in the southern Cape is a firm favourite with holidaymakers. And it’s no wonder, since it snuggles against the banks of a beautiful lagoon in the heart of the Garden Route. I’ve visited countless times, as a couple or with family and kids. Either way, it always wows, providing everything you could want from a holiday destination – from lush indigenous forests and tranquil lakes to white beaches, from historical woodcutting, gold mining and ivory hunting sites to excellent restaurants, galleries and shops. The whole area is also an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, enticing adventurers with fishing, water sports, hiking, cycling, abseiling and more.

One of my favourite parts is the Rheenendal-Buffalo Bay area to the west of Knysna, which I wrote about in my post about 15 things to do near Knysna on the Garden Route. Here you’ll find nature on steroids, jam-packed with experiences like forest and beach walks, hiking and cycle trails, whale-watching, charming country restaurants and markets, scenic drives along passes that wind through indigenous forest. If you can’t find something you love to do here, you must be only half alive.

When you visit to explore the area, I can recommend staying at the self-catering Cliffhanger Cottages on the edge of a steep cliff overlooking a valley of indigenous forest and out over the far hills.

Travel South Africa. Knysna Travel Guide for First Time Visitors 

Written by: Dorothée Lefering – Berlin born German travel blogger, her travels takes her around the world as a curious, fearless and happy traveller… one who appreciates being healthy and alive.

Their stay at Roseroc Guesthouse

It is easy to see why Knysna has been awarded several times “South Africa’s Favourite Town” status. Let’s say you want to spend a few days relaxing, and that not too far from Cape Town. You would like to visit a place where the scenery is as magnificent as in a coffee table book and people welcome you into their community? You should visit Knysna.

It is one of the oldest towns in South Africa, with a rich history and heritage. Knysna and the Garden Route in the Western Cape Province are easy to reach from Cape Town in under five to six hours. The friendly town on the Garden Route sits between George and Plettenberg Bay, and there is so much to see and do. Knysna is home to a lagoon, the ocean, and the forest. There are areas within the Municipal boundaries that are simply beautiful to visit, and Sedgefield, Noetzie, Buffalo Bay, or Brenton are all included in this guide. Knysna means “Place of Wood” in Khoisan.

San hunter-gatherers, whose ancestors had lived in southern Africa for tens of thousands of years, were joined by Khoekhoe herders (pronounced koi-koi) about 2000 years ago. They lived in caves along the coast and depending on the season also inland. They fished, gathered roots and bulbs of wild plants and hunted small mammals in the nearby forest, and didn’t do much harm to ecological systems apart from starting fires to shoo away wildlife. After the Europeans arrived, the hunter-gatherers became farm labourers. The settlers needed wood for pretty much everything they built from furniture to houses. The first wooden house was erected in 1798, a wharf and harbour were later built and Knysna slowly became a town. Over the following 200 years the surrounding forests were heavily destructed. Today SANParks looks after the protection of forest areas.

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